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  • Feb 12

    3 Quick Ways to Protect your Intellectual Property

    As a Lawyer and Marketer for the past 25+ years, one of the biggest changes I’ve noticed over the years is the role intellectual property plays in business. In other words, when I first started out, all you had to do was register your name with the government, secure a..

    Posted onFebruary 12, 2018

  • Jan 04

    5 Steps for Resolving a Dispute with Your Business Partner

    Let’s face it: Being in business is hard work.   And nowhere is that more than being in business with a partner.   While each person brings their own unique style and set of skills, they also bring with them a set of weaknesses and baggage that are bound to..

    Posted onJanuary 4, 2018

  • Jan 04

    “We’re friends. Do I really need a contract/partnership agreement?”

    This is by far one of the biggest questions I get from people thinking about a business partnership.   So for the sake of brevity, the short answer: Absolutely.   Why?   Well, having some type of agreement in place does a great job of heading off any potential disagreements..

    Posted onJanuary 4, 2018

  • Jan 04

    A Simple Formula to Sustained Business Success

    As we head into 2018, business owners all over the world are feeling recharged, refreshed, and looking for ways new to increase their business results. And while a number of options exist to impact your business’ bottom line, there’s really only one way to ensure its long term success.  ..

    Posted onJanuary 4, 2018

  • Jan 03

    3 Ways to Grow Your Business & Staying Out of Legal Hot Water

    A lot of times people ask me, “What can they do to grow their business, while simultaneously protecting their hard-earned assets?”   And that’s a great question, because here in the United States, we live in one of the most litigious countries in the world. Meaning that for most businesses,..

    Posted onJanuary 3, 2018

  • Dec 12

    5 Steps to Preserve the Asset & Liability Protection of Your LLC or Corporate Entity

    Business owners concerned about protecting their personal assets from business liabilities often choose to operate their companies as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Corporation (usually as an S-Corporation), since these business structures provide what is known as a “liability shield”. However, a court can dissolve this liability shield if..

    Posted onDecember 12, 2017

  • Dec 12

    8 Ways Good Contracts Can Become Legally Unenforceable

    Just about everybody recognizes that contracts – as a general rule – are a good thing to have when entering into a business agreement. It allows both parties to organize their thoughts, and structure a business deal that works for everyone…especially in the event something goes wrong. But what most..

    Posted onDecember 12, 2017

  • Dec 07

    Dirty Little Secret of Business Partnerships

    As a Coach & Lawyer for the past 25+ years, I’ve just about seen it all. Especially when it comes to business partnerships and agreements. Normal, rational folks – people who started out as best of friends – going toe to toe in the courtroom, with high priced lawyers and..

    Posted onDecember 7, 2017

  • Dec 06

    How to Leverage Company Culture to Build a Successful Brand

    Building a brand can transform your business into an enduring household name. But how do you build a brand when you are starting from scratch? One good place to start is developing a consistent company culture. Company culture can be leveraged to create a unique and memorable company identity. More..

    Posted onDecember 6, 2017

  • Dec 05

    Is Your Small Business Being Audited? Stay Calm and Read On

    Audits can happen to any business. Small businesses are no exception! The IRS can conduct an audit on your business when your tax filing contains questionable deductions, your business is of particular interest to the IRS or by random selection. Contrary to popular belief, being audited doesn’t necessarily mean you..

    Posted onDecember 5, 2017