4 Reasons to Become an Entrepreneur

4 Reasons Why an Entrepreneur Retreat is Just What You Need

For many entrepreneurs, being a “workaholic” is a default status. Though this drive and dedication can be a good thing in short bursts, in the long run, it leads to stagnation and burnout. Just as experts advise us to step away from what we’re working on for short breaks throughout the day to maximize creativity, the same applies on the macro scale.

For entrepreneurs, an ideal way to escape the pressures of the running of a company is to take an entrepreneurial retreat to clear your mind and refocus. Specifically, these are designed to remove stressed-out business owners from their demanding daily routines, this way they can focus on themselves mentally, physically, and/or spiritually. While there are dozens of different retreats to choose from, most offer a blend of personal and professional development activities aimed at giving attendees a chance to relax and recharge their creative batteries.

If you’re not sold yet, here are four reasons you should consider taking a little extra “me time” by attending a retreat. They can be one of the most beneficial events you can attend for both yourself and your business.

1. You need to regularly step away from your daily duties to see the bigger picture.
It is way too easy to stay attached to the “busy bubble.” When we throw ourselves at the daily demands of running a business for months at a time, it’s hard to make a breakthrough. This can easily lead to tunnel vision, exhaustion, and health issues if not disconnected on a regular basis. Attending a retreat once or twice a year will give you the much-needed time and space to slow down, relax, and look within to more fully develop yourself. Recharging your creative energy in this way frequently results in a renewed sense of motivation, focus, and vision, which you can then use to enhance your business upon return.

2. You can receive valuable (and tax-deductible) business training.
Even though retreats are a terrific way to disconnect from the business world for a little while, the option to engage in professional development training through coaching, seminars, and workshops is also a valuable option. Therefore, beyond personal development through quiet introspection, you can use these retreats to hone your business and leadership acumen as well. Not only is this a good option for those who find it difficult to spend a week or more doing nothing “productive,” but it also allows you to write off the cost of the retreat on your taxes as a business expense.

3. You can connect with others in your same shoes.
Entrepreneurs are a specific breed of people, and it can be so beneficial to surround yourself with a group of like-minded peers. Doing this can provide a sense of community, social support, and networking opportunities. Who knows, maybe the guy you meet doing yoga or ziplining has encountered and overcome the very same challenge you’re currently facing. Or maybe he can recommend another professional who can help with your next big project. Or maybe you are that person for him. Or maybe you two simply hit it off and become lifelong friends.

No matter who you meet at a retreat, there’s the real potential that those people can become trusted allies and even partners long after the retreat is over.

4. It helps your employees evolve, too.
Though it can be tough to completely step away and let others run the show for a while, a retreat can actually be quite valuable for your employees too. Provided you give them good warning, direction, and authority to handle situations without you being present, your team may be able to grow and learn as well.

In addition, handing your team the reins while you’re gone can help establish real trust on both sides. Plus, it lays the foundation for you to eventually completely step away for longer periods of time in the future. And you might be pleasantly surprised at just how well your team can handle things without you around. They might not need you as much as you think, which is a good thing!

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