How to Defeat a Goliath: Protecting Your Trademarks

Before learning how to defeat a Goliath, let’s learn about what a Goliath could look like in your life. Terri Kelly learned this first hand when she was starting a flip-flop company. Terri designed a phenomenal product and worked day and night to get her products into shops, stores, and boutiques all across the United States. To promote her product, she trademarked the phrase: “YogaPants for Your Feet.®” Creative right? That’s what she thought too, and so did Skechers. Before Terri realized it, Skechers stole her trademarked term to promote their own shoes nationally!

Time and time again, large companies attempt to run over smaller start-ups. With billions of dollars backing them, they are practically untouchable. Like David and Goliath, the bigger and stronger company often believes they are undefeatable. However, Terri acted like David and refused to allow them to run her business over. On May 13, 2015, Terri filed suit against Skechers to protect what was rightfully hers.

How did Terri successfully do this?

  • She took action! She immediately reached out to an Access Lawyer for assistance.
  • Together, they filed against Skechers. Doing so showed that she was serious about her business.
  • As well as taking legal action, she also made efforts to voice her problem on social media. With modern day technology, use media platforms to support your cause.

Your business ideas and brand are worth fighting for. Do not simply allow Goliaths in the business world to trample on you because they have more money. Call us today to schedule your FREE Shatterproof session!