Master Disaster in 6 Steps

In everyday life, we see storms come and go throughout people’s lives, sometimes leaving them in shambles. For example, the hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast recently left communities shutdown and devastated. Entire cities were forced to enter survival mode.

The primary key to weather these storms that come in everyday life is through preparedness. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t realize where to start when it comes to devising an emergency preparedness plan.

Solutions to the problem:

  1. Find a Creative Business Lawyer who can help row the lifeboat of your business. In fact, this lawyer might be a new yacht who can help carry you out in luxury. The detail you place is vital to the success rate in a disaster.
  2. Devise an on-site emergency plan to keep your employees and yourself safe. Employees should be trained in what to do, when to do it, and how they should behave.
  3. Audit your insurance policies. With a Creative Business Lawyer, you can ensure the safety of your assets. Your business should have thorough documentation of each asset in order to file the necessary claim. A business interruption insurance policy will cover your losses, even loss of revenue during a disaster. Take the time to ensure that you have this area of your emergency plan covered.
  4. Keep your data protected. One of the keys to a successful system is a successful backup system. Ensure that your information is protected and accessible by either keeping a copy of information off-site or by storing information in the cloud via GoogleDrive, Dropbox, ICloud, OneDrive.
  5. Plan your Communication. If you have an effective means of communication established. You will be a thousand times better off in an emergency situation.
  6. Create a plan to recover. When the disaster passes, you need to be ready to hit the ground running. Think about the important effects of a disaster. Are your employees okay? Did you sustain damage to your area of operations? What about your clientele? If your clients are affected by the disaster as well, there will be a drop in income. You need to make sure you are prepared for a situation as such.

To get the process going and to make sure that you’re ready when disaster strikes, call today to schedule your Shatterproof session with one of our Access Lawyers.